Together, we own the bank.

For decades we have been forced to debt finance basic needs as the cost of living has skyrocketed and wages have flatlined. While we have struggled to keep food on the table and care for our families our wages have been garnished, our tax returns seized, and our credit destroyed.

We made these tools to fight back.

The Tools

Dispute Any Debt in Collections

Use this tool to dispute any debt (except a student loan) that has been sent to collections. Make them prove it!

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(All debt types except private student loans)

402 People filled

Dispute Errors on Your Credit Report

Most of us have been victims of bad credit reporting. Use this tool to send a dispute.

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60 People filled

Dispute Your Wages Being Taken

Use this tool if you have a federal student loan that is being garnished or if you have been threatened with garnishment.

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(Federal student loans only)

12 People filled

Dispute Your Tax Return Being Taken

Use this tool if your tax return is being seized for an unpaid federal student loan.

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(Federal student loans only)

6 People filled

Dispute a Private Student Loan

Use this tool to dispute any private student loan.

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103 People filled

Defense to Repayment for Federal Student Loans

A federal law that says the government must cancel your debt if you were defrauded by your school.

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(Federal student loans only)


Why file
a Dispute?

As a member of The Debt Collective, you might dispute your debt because:

  • You are being harassed by a debt collector
  • You are trapped by a predatory lender
  • You borrowed for healthcare, education, or other basic necessities
  • You can’t afford to pay your debt
  • You are disputing your debt as an act of solidarity with other people
  • You were defrauded by your school.
  • You took out a loan to help a family member pay for college or other basic needs

By disputing your debt you are joining with others to build collective power and demand access to public goods.

What happens
after I file?

The Debt Collective will send hard copies of your dispute if you cannot mail the forms yourself. They will be sent to all relevant parties, including the Department of Education, loan servicers, collectors, and the credit reporting agencies. You will also receive a copy by email.

You will receive notifications asking you to provide information about any response you receive from the collector.

Make a donation to the Debt Collective General Fund to help more people dispute debts of all kinds.

The tools we provide here are not the only ways you can dispute your debt.

For a complete list of discharge options, go here:

Data Privacy

We won't share your information with anyone outside the Debt Collective organizing team or with experts with whom we are consulting. We will only use your data to see who is using our tools and to contact you about opportunities to join debt resistance campaigns in your area. If we decide to use the data you provide here for some other purpose, we will contact you to explain and make sure it is okay with you.

If you have questions about how to use one of these tools, please contact us.