Dispute Your Tax Return Being Taken


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Dispute Your Tax Return Being Taken

If your taxes are being seized ("offset") or if you have been threatened with offset, you have a lot in common with thousands of other people whose taxes are offset each year. This is wrong, since no one should have to go into debt for education!

You can use this form to submit a dispute to the Department of Education. The Department's form is unnecessarily complicated. We have streamlined the process for our members. You can make sure your offset is placed on hold if you file this dispute by 65 days after the date you received the offset notice. You can also stop an offset that has already begun if you receive a favorable decision from the Department.

What if I suspect that my taxes will be offset but I haven't received a notice?

The Department of Education usually sends offset notices once per year in the summer. If you want to know whether your taxes will be offset as a result of a federal student loan, you can call the Bureau of the Fiscal Service at 1-800-304-3107. Making this call does not make it more likely that your taxes will be offset.

This is the part of the dispute where you will explain why you are disputing your federal student debt. Choose the option that best applies to you.


I do not owe the full amount shown because I repaid some or all of this debt.

Please attach any supporting documents proving that you paid, including checks or receipts.

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I believe that this loan is not collectable because I was lied to or defrauded by my school.

Attach a statement describing how you were lied to or defrauded and any documents that support your case, including news articles or a copy of your Defense to Repayment form

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I did not have a high school diploma or GED when I enrolled at the school.

Attach any supporting documents.

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When I borrowed to attend my college I had a condition (physical, mental, age, criminal record) that prevented me from using my degree.

Write a statement explaining more about the condition that prevented you from using your degree. And attach any supporting documents.

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I believe that an official at the school without my permission signed my name or used my personal identification data to obtain this loan illegally in my name.

Provide as much information as you can about why you believe the loan was issued fraudulently.

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